Staffordshire Geology SSSI

Note: Only SSSI locations with explicit reference to geology/geomorphology are included here. SSSI may be located on private land.

Site NameGrid ref.DistrictSite Ref.
Aqualate MereSJ 770 205Stafford15WCV
Brown End QuarrySK 090 503Staffordshire Moorlands15WKB
Caldon LowSK 077 492Staffordshire Moorlands15WDC
Cauldon Railway CuttingSK 077 497Staffordshire Moorlands15WDE
Churnet ValleySJ 992 479Staffordshire Moorlands15WW3
Dove ValleySK 157 506Staffordshire Moorlands15WKK
Ecton Copper MinesSK 099 581Staffordshire Moorlands
Four Ashes PitSJ 914 083South Staffordshire15WN3
Gospel End Road CuttingSO 904 936South Staffordshire15W4K
Hamps and Manifold ValleysSK 100 540Staffordshire Moorlands15WKR
Hulme QuarrySJ 929 446Stoke-on-Trent15WQ3
Kinver EdgeSO 831 829South Staffordshire15WDR
Leek MoorsSK 020 650Staffordshire Moorlands15WLE
Metallic Tileries, ParkhouseSJ 840 497Newcastle-under-Lyme15WQ4
Milford QuarrySJ 977 191Stafford15WLI
Wollaston Ridge QuarrySO 883 848South Staffordshire15W6C
Staffordshire Geology SSSIs
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