Metallic Tileries, Parkhouse SSSI

Metallic Tileries, Parkhouse: SJ 840497

This is the only known site in the North Staffordshire Coalfield showing the unconformable contact between the Etruria Formation red-beds and the black shales and sandstones of the Newcastle Formation (Middle Carboniferous). Lake sediments at the contact between the formations contain a most unusual fauna of non-marine bivalves, ostracods, fish and annelid worms, and a unique non-marine algal flora. The Etruria Formation here yields a fauna which appears to agree with the Anthraconauta phillipsi Biozone. This indicates that it is markedly younger than the red-beds of the South Staffordshire and Warwickshire coalfields. This demonstration that these red-bed formations become younger towards the north has important implications for understanding the geography of Britain during the middle Carboniferous Period, and the gradually increasing aridity of the climate at that time. Metallic Tileries is therefore a key site for British Carboniferous geology.

Source: SSSI citation, Natural England

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