Hulme Quarry, Park Hall SSSI

Hulme Quarry: SJ 929446

Hulme Quarry, located 5 km east of the centre of Stoke-on-Trent within Park Hall Country Park, provides magnificent exposures of the lower Triassic Bunter Pebble Beds (Cannock Chase Formation) of the Sherwood Sandstone Group. The Pebble Beds are texturally mature pebble/cobble conglomerates, arranged in poorly-sorted horizontal sheets on better-sorted cross-bedded sets. Thick sheets of conglomerate are associated with interbedded sandstones, in coarsening-upwards units. Rapid lateral facies changes from conglomerate to sandstone can also be seen. Comparison with recent fluvial (river) sediments, indicates that the Bunter Pebble Beds were deposited by substantial, braided streams carrying much coarse-grained material. This is, therefore, an important site for the study of the environmental conditions which occurred during the Triassic Period.

Source: SSSI citation, Natural England

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