Four Ashes Pit SSSI

Four Ashes Pit: SJ 914083

Four Ashes Pit is the type site for the Devensian Stage of the Quarternary Period ca. 50,000 years ago. It consists of a sequence of sands and gravels, overlain by till lying on top of Triassic Sandstone bed rock. Organic deposits and periglacial features, both within and below the gravels, have provided a substantial body of information on environmental conditions during the last (Ipswichian) interglacial phase and the early and middle Devensian Stage of the Ice Ages, while periglacial features and the till in the upper part of the succession record the late Devensian cold episode. Although only part of the original interest now survives, Four Ashes Pit remains an important Quaternary site and a key reference locality.

Source: SSSI citation, Natural England

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