Newcastle-under-Lyme LoGS

Site NameGrid ref.Citation
Apedale Furnace Quarry, ApedaleSJ 822 485Good exposure of the Cannel Row Coal with fossils to be found in the mudstones above the coal seam.
Birchenwood Quarry, KidsgroveSJ 855 542One of the few large exposures of typical Coal Measure rock sequences.
Bradwell Wood Quarry, Newcastle-under-LymeSJ 843 504Exposure of the Etruria Formation mudstones used in the local brick and tile industry.
Butterton Church Quarry, WhitmoreSJ 833 419A prime example of the effects of an igneous dyke (Darwin’s Dyke) intruding into sandstone.
Heighley Lane Quarry, MadeleySJ 773 469Example of typical Lower Triassic rock facies.
Job’s Wood Quarry, SilverdaleSJ 823 460Best local exposure of Hanchurch Sandstone in the Newcastle Formation.
Kent Hill Quarry, Audley RuralSJ 789 509Represents a very rare example of an adit-worked conglomerate quarry.
Madeley Heath Tileries, (Ridgehill Clay Pit), MadeleySJ 788 452Example of a large quarry exposing Etruria Formation mudstones topped by siltstones of the Newcastle Formation.
Miry Quarry, ApedaleSJ 812 494Rare exposure of the significant time-boundary indicator bed – the Vanderbeckei Marine Band.
Mount Pleasant Quarries, (East), KidsgroveSJ 851 565Example of Millstone Grit showing large fault structures with baryte mineral veins.
Mow Cop Folly Quarries, KidsgroveSJ 857 573Impressive ridge outcrop of Millstone Grit.
Quarry Bank Quarry, KeeleSJ 807 461The prime exposure of the red Keele Sandstone.
Red Hill Rifle Range, MaerSJ 786 397Examples of Triassic braided river plain and aeolian dunefield sedimentary structures.

Source: SGAP. Note that these sites do not indicate public access – landowners’ permission must be sought.

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